Our Service Pledge To You

Dear Friend,

Hi my name is Bruce owner of Dr. Clean Home Care..

Perhaps you were referred by one of our many clients who enjoyed the quality and reliability of our service.. regardless of how you landed on our website we have a lifestyle solution for your cleaning needs.

Our Certified Technicians are ready to assist you in evaluating your Cleaning and Recovery needs..

Here are a couple of common concerns regarding Cleaning & Restoration:

  1. Can those stains really come out?
  2. Will it have that "like new" appearance"?

The key to Cleaning & Restoration is to have a Proper Evaluation and go over the "Realities of "Cleaning & Restoration".

99% of items Cleaned & Restored have a like-new Appearance..

Here is the real question:  How much "stuff" went on that...??

We always consult with the client to receive vital information regarding the damage on a particular item or surface.

It's always an uneasy feeling to have a treasured part of our lives damaged..

We want you to have the best Cleaning & Restoration process available with the assurance of being valued.

We have a 100% Money Back No-Risk Guarantee!  -Call For Details-

Thank-You for allowing us to be your Cleaning & Restoration Company

"The Doctor"