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Tile and Stone Grout Cleaning

Dr. Clean Will Evaluate Your Flooring and Find The Best Solution For Your Flooring Recovery!

Helpful Tips for Keeping Your Tile Clean
High End Tile and Stone Grout Cleaning Services

Does your surfaces still look dull after your maintenance cleanings?

When was the last time you saw the color of your grout or the beauty of your stone?

How do you feel about having a sealer that last over a decade and is warrantied?

What is more important price or cost?

Here Is The Dr. Clean Prescription For Your Restorative Floor Care:

  1. Installation of a moisture barrier for your baseboards and cabinetry
  2. Detailing all the grout lines including around the entire perimeter
  3. Utilizing a high-pressure and high-temperature cleaning procedure
  4. Implementing a scrubbing procedure for maximum tile and stone grout cleaning
  5. Installing portable dryers for the curing of your flooring
  6. Applying a penetrating sealer with a 15 year warranty

Imagine enjoying the beauty and richness of all your surfaces indoors and outdoors.

It’s a matter of applying a prescription for bringing out the beauty of the surfaces that drew you into your home.

Our restorative stone grout cleaning is specially designed to work with the manufacture requirements for a proper diagnosis.

Before choosing your tile and stone grout cleaning company ask the representative to show you their certification card which identifies them as a certified cleaner.

Doesn’t it make sense to have a certified cleaner bring your flooring to that like-new condition?

Compacted bacteria and debris has been on your hard surface flooring for years and a quick cleaning will not remove all that “stuff.

Do you want that like-new flooring without the hassle of moving your cherished memories to a storage unit?  Do you want a warranty that is proven worldwide? No one wants the pain of regret or the cost of replacement.

We are in contact with dozens of floor distributors and installers in Tucson. The average installation cost of a quality flooring system is $10 per square foot which doesn’t include the cost and inconvenience of moving your furniture.

We have a restorative cleaning procedures done usually in a day at a fraction of the cost with less inconvenience to our clients. Often our clients run errands or go to the movies and come home to a beautiful restored floor.

Doesn’t it make sense to return your flooring to a like-new condition at a fraction of the cost? What about your grout lines? Do you want to give your grout lines a facelift?

Give your flooring a face lift with color sealing your grout and bring your flooring to a whole new level! Our manufactures gives us a 15 year warranty for your peace of mind.

Do you want your floor to stay in a like-new condition?

Do you want your stone flooring polished?

Our clients love the restore luster of their stone flooring after we polish it to a high sheen. Some want to see the reflection of their loved ones at their holiday gatherings.

How about your outdoor stone surfaces?

Travertine that reveals the beauty of the stone without the concern of loved ones being injured.  We have so much sun and water damage to our outdoor surfaces!

We have a product with a consolidation ingredient that keeps the slate and flagstone from deteriorating.  A sealer that keeps the suntan lotion on the surface and Not in the surface.  We enjoy our BBQ knowing that those greases are washed away by the rain. Isn’t it time to enjoy those surfaces in a first-class living environment.  Granite is a great source of enjoyment and we offer 25 years of protection.

Enjoy your surfaces and preserve those surfaces for a lifetime.

Doesn’t it make sense to return your flooring to a like-new condition at a fraction of the cost? What about your grout lines? Do you want to give your grout lines a facelift? Maybe you’re tired of the same grout color you have lived with for all these years.

We have a color seal procedure to bring your flooring to a whole new level! Our manufactures gives us a 15 year warranty for your peace of mind.

Do you want your floor to stay in a like-new condition? This is accomplished by implementing the correct maintenance procedures with the right solution with the right cleaning tools.

Do you utilize the correct cleaning solution for your flooring? What is recommended from flooring manufactures is a neutral cleaner which leaves no residue. The majority of all the flooring bacteria and residue comes from the cleaning product applied on the flooring.

Do you utilize the correct applicator for your hard surface flooring? What is recommended from flooring manufactures is a flat mop system. 90% of residents in Europe have utilized a flat mop system for decades!

About 15 years ago I sold flat mops which had just entered the commercial cleaning industry in the United States. I remember the first time looking at a flat mop and wondering why did these take such a long time to reach the market place.? Flat mops are still probably the least used in the residential cleaning industry! We hardly ever see a residential home utilizing a flat mop procedure.

The well know “swift” cleaning applicator is pre-treated with a residue that ensures dirt attraction which is good for them and not so good for you. This is one of the most important part of maintaining your hard surface flooring in your home.  We can give you many options locally and on-line.

Our clients have that like-new floor look for years because of the proper procedures implemented by them or their tile and stone grout cleaning people. The cleaning people really see the value in this because it takes less time and the floors look good all the time!

If you want us to take care of your tile and stone grout cleaning we have an economical procedure for your busy life style.

What about what is tracked into our homes? This is the other part of the equation of keeping our floors looking like-new!

Do you have the proper matting system for your entry points.?

Majority of mats bought for peoples homes are the mats utilized in snow and mud environments.

Previous to moving to Tucson, I remember the snow starting in October and ending in March. The next season was the mud season which lasted until the first part of May.

We really only have 2 seasons here in Tucson: hot and hotter!

The majority of concerns for matting need to be addressed by what is in our environment. Our greatest concern is that black “stuff” that seem to accumulate in the hotter season.  This is usually tracked in because we don’t have a closed loop carpet fiber catching that “stuff.”

How about your outdoor stone surfaces? Outdoor stone surfaces in the spring and fall are in need of the proper treatment.  We have so much sun and water damage to our outdoor flooring surfaces! The early spring and the late fall is the only time to maintain these surface in Arizona.  This is because of the manufactures temperature requirements for the proper cleaning and sealing of our outdoor surfaces.

We have a variety of stone surface procedures available for your choosing!

From colors to coatings to sealing and more there is so many options for bringing your outdoor surfaces to a first-class living environment.

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Commercial Cleaning Tucson: Tile, Stone & Grout

Being the owner or manager of a business gives you the responsibility of protecting your company’s reputation by maintaining an immaculate environment. In doing so, you also protect the business assets by extending the life of the property. This is why hiring a commercial cleaning company is important to your Tucson area business.

Five Ways Routine Cleaning Improves Your Tile & Stone

Professionally cleaning stone and tile throughout your home can look nice, but also can extend the life of your floors and tiling in the long run. Routine floor and tile cleaning can keep wear-and-tear, staining, and further damage from tuning into bigger issues. Here are five ways regular, professional stone and tile cleaning can extend the life of your stone floors and tiling.

Save Time and Money Replacing a Tile or Stone Floor.

If you look at your tile or stone floor after a few years, you’ve probably noticed some wear. Dirt settles into the grout, and that bleach pen someone used to cover it up just won’t cut it anymore. The sealant on your tile wears down, leaving it exposed to stains, damage, and odors. But if you think the only solution is replacing your once-beautiful flooring, think again! Save hundreds of dollars and days of renovations with a professional tile and stone cleaning service.

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