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We take pride in providing Tucson’s best cleaning service, every time. Don’t take our word for it, listen to our raving customers! We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, (call for details) and we stand by it.

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Imagine Not having to worry and have peace of mind on all your indoor and outdoor surfaces. I know most of us don’t wake up feeling great over “like new” restored carpet, stone, tile or grout let alone with the assurance of warranted surfaces.

However some of us wake up with the dread of those carpet spots and ground in stains on our grout lines. What do I do? Who do I call?

For the most part; Surfaces get no respect..Walked on, Spilled on, Ground in dirt and bacteria.

Over the years I have seen quite a bit of surfaces damaged from misapplication from unqualified people who were chosen for their price and people and companies paying the cost of those decisions.

Fortunately their are great processes and solutions to help restore surfaces however we aren’t in the resurrection business and Not all surface will come clean.

After being a facility manager for over a decade and seeing the long-term cost of the cheaper company processes; I decided to start my own restorative cleaning business and find the best products and processes to offer people.

Imagine someone you knew who wore the same clothes for 1 month; I know that would be pretty disgusting. Imagine that person complaining about a detergent Not getting their clothes clean after learning they wore the same clothes for 1 month!

I don’t wake up in the morning imagining the joy of cleaning my house anymore than most people. We all have busy lifestyles and understandable cleaning surfaces is low on the priority list.

The reality is some surfaces will Not come out “like new” with one cleaning after having gone beyond manufacture directives.

Carpet Manufactures recommend cleaning your carpet according to your lifestyle traffic flow.

2 people annual cleaning
2 people with pets quarterly cleaning

You get the idea the more of “life” going over the surface the more the surface needs restorative cleaning and sealing.

Here’s a helpful hint for those with carpet; vacuum with a “good” vacuum every week over the traffic lanes and place fiber matting at your entry points of your home that catches that “black stuff” on our shoes.

What about those fabrics on your sofa and chairs?

Imagine 2 pieces of paper stacked together; that’s the thickness of most fabrics we sit on everyday. Remember if you chose to clean the surfaces of those fabrics, don’t rub the spot; blot the spot. Rubbing harder only sets the stain. Blotting with a hot damp white and dry towel sometimes removes the spot. Scooping up loose debris before application is always recommended by manufactures. The difference between a spot and a stain is time and what has been applied to that spot.

How about Tile, Grout & Stone?

Well, that too needs maintenance about every 4 years. However a great plan is to find a residue free solution and apply procedures to those surface a few times a year to maintain that “like new” appearance and a sealer that will protect against staining for a decade or longer!

If your in the category of someone who cleans or has their surfaces cleaned and they still don’t come clean…here is a few questions;

How has that surface been maintained over the last year?

When was the last time that surface was professional cleaned and sealed?

What certifications and or accreditation did that individual or company have for cleaning and sealing?

So Can those stains really come out?

Will it have that “like new” appearance”?

The Key To Restorative Cleaning Is To Have The Correct Expectation That Matches The Reality Of How Your Surfaces Was Maintained.

What was done to your surface?

How much “stuff” went on that surface?

It’s always an uneasy feeling to have a treasured part of our lives damaged however there are manufacture directives and guidelines for Restorative Cleaning & Protecting your surfaces.

Imagine having peace of mind and Not having to worry about your surfaces being neglected or damaged.

Let Dr. Clean give an assessment of your surfaces. I have been certified in this industry for over a decade and accredited as the only applicator for warrantied sealer.

We want you to have the best tile, stone and grout cleaning in Arizona available with the assurance of being valued through every step of the process.

We have a 100% Money Back No-Risk Guarantee!

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Thank you for allowing us to be your best tile cleaning & grout restoration company.

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