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What Is The Cost Of Your Indoor & Outdoor Surfaces?

If you were to have someone give you a quote on all your indoor and outdoor surfaces you would be surprised at the cost.

It’s at least $10 a square foot. Stone in your showers and countertops is extremely expensive.


For the most part; Surfaces get no respect. Walked on, Spilled on, Ground in dirt, bacteria, and viruses.

Over the years I have seen a lot of surfaces that have been damaged from misapplication from unqualified applicators who were chosen for their price and Not for the preservation of their surfaces.

Fortunately, there are great certified procedures and accredited sealing solutions to help restore surfaces however we aren’t in the resurrection business and Not all surfaces can be restored.

After being a facility manager for over a decade and seeing the long-term cost of the cheaper company processes; I decided to start my own restorative cleaning business and find the best products and processes to offer people.

The more of “life” going over your surfaces the more your surfaces need restorative cleaning, polishing, and long-term sealing solutions.

In 2015 we were chosen to be the accredited applicator for southern Arizona offering long-term sealing solutions that have 5-25 year warranties.

In the last 5 years we have specialized in polishing stone surfaces, offer long-term sealer solutions with warranties and restorative odor control.

If your in the category of someone who cleans or has their surfaces cleaned and they still don’t come clean…here is a few questions;

How has that surface been maintained over the years?

What certifications and or accreditation did that individual or company have for cleaning and sealing?

So Can those stains really come out?

What was done to your surface?

How much “stuff” went on that surface?

Will it have that “like new” appearance”?

“The Key To Restorative Cleaning Is To Have The Correct Expectation That Matches The Reality Of How Your Surfaces Was Installed & Maintained.”

Let Dr. Clean give a free assessment of your surfaces with the number of areas to be restored and pictures of those areas. I have been certified in this industry for over a decade and accredited as the only applicator for warrantied sealers.

Dr. Clean has great reviews and over a hundred pictures of client’s surfaces that have been restored. Utilize the search engine Google and type Dr Clean Tucson reviews. On this site look under specialized services for our procedures and also learn about case studies, articles, and results

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Bruce Meyers - Dr. Clean


Hi! My name is Bruce Myers and I’m the owner of Dr. Clean Home Care. We offer friendly, courteous, highly trained Floor Care Experts that are ready to assist you with a FREE Flooring Audit. Give us a call today to see what we can do for your cleaning needs.


Call (520) 245-3284 for details. We are committed to being the best Tucson stone, tile and outdoor surface cleaning company. We use only the BEST equipment, the BEST methods to get the BEST clean.

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"We Guarantee You'll Love Your New Clean Surface!" ~ Bruce (the Doctor) & Amber

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Dr. Clean is a referral based company that specializes in polishing stone surfaces, providing long-term sealer solutions, and odor containment.

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