Now Offering No-Touch, Virtual Surface Audits
Now Offering No-Touch, Virtual Surface Audits

Doctor Clean’s Easy Floor Maintenance Plan

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To easily care for you floor Doctor Clean recommends the following steps for a successful treatment plan:

1. Purchase Sh-Mop at
This is a flat mop that will allow you to clean your floors in a fraction of the normal time. You will need a new terry cloth replacement wipe for every 100 square feet of floor. Changing the wipe is vital in preserving a residue-free cleaning surface.

2. Purchase a neutral cleaner from a janitorial supply store.
We suggest that you do this because, the janitorial stores provide concentrated products with no fillers and a material safety data sheet which describe the ingredients which isn’t available at retail outlets.

3. Purchase a carpet fiber foot mat for all your entry points to trap debris and black residue.
This will keep your flooring cleaner and reduce cleaning times and damage to your floors.

4. Before you mop your floors, vaccum to remove any dust and loose debris.
This will provide the best cleaning results.

Doctor Clean recommends the following mopping procedures:

  1. Fill a sink about an inch full of water
  2. Put a cap-full of cleaner in sink
  3. Saturate cotton refills in the sink
  4. Wring out to slightly dripping
  5. Apply cotton refill to applicator to the mop
  6. Change the cotton refill every 10 feet of flooring
  7. Use both sides of refill
  8. Keep rotating until each side is slightly soiled

If you use this cleaning procedure you will be more successful at keeping your tile free from residue.

Removing Residue From Grout Lines

The grout lines in your kitchen floor will eventually become soiled with grease from cooking and your bathroom grout lines will become dirty from water residue. An Atomic degreaser is a phosphate free and residue free cleaner and it is an effective cleaner for removing dirt and grease from your grout lines while keeping the penetrating sealer in tack. Atomic degreatser can be purchased from Interlink Supply located I-10 & Grant Rd and at ICA located at Speedway & Columbus.

The flooring industry recommends cleaning your grout lines when they become slightly darker than normal. Using a grout brusth to clean them is recommended and can be purchased from Interlink Supply or at

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