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Four Ways Professional Cleaning can Help Sell Your Home

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Tiling and stone work are a popular option these days, but keeping tiles, stone, and grout clean can be a challenge. If your home is older, it is important to give your entire home a deep clean before selling. Professional tile and stone cleaning might be the most cost-effective solution to getting your home ready to sell. If you don’t have the budget to replace tiling in your kitchen or bathroom, you might be able to get these areas of your home looking new again by bringing in professional cleaners. Here are four ways newly cleaned stone and tile throughout your home can make this ready to sell without costly renovations.

1. A Fresh, Clean Appeal for Buyers

While there might be homebuyers that are up for the challenge of a fixer upper, if your home is already a clean, hygienic environment, potential homebuyers will feel more secure in a purchase, especially if they have kids. A fresh, clean smell in the kitchen and bathroom areas can make all of the difference. If potential buyers have allergies, the sight of any discoloration might cause worries that mold and mildew are lurking. By ensuring your tiling, stonework, and grout are all bright and sparkling from professional cleaning, your home will look new and germ-free to buyers.

2. Tiling Will Look Like New

Tiles in humid areas of the home such as bathrooms and kitchens can discolor easily and can be a challenge to get back to a good-as-new look. If you can bring in a professional tile cleaner, all areas can be brought back to original bright coloring, including grout that can show aging quickly. Professional cleaners can then add a sealant so that this look will be maintained throughout the process of selling your home. Redoing tiling in kitchens and bathrooms can be expensive, but might not be needed in the first place. New buyers will benefit from professionally cleaned and sealed tiling that basically will sell itself.

3. Cleaning Stained or High-Traffic Flooring

Working on stains and hard-to-clean floors such as kitchens might be tough to clean properly without professional help. Highly trafficked areas can start to have discoloration that can be frustrating and can age your home. Especially if your flooring is made from tiling or stone that is porous, a light color, or might be more delicate than linoleum, making sure you don’t damage your flooring with cleaning agents needs to be a consideration as well. Professional stone and tile cleaners can take into consideration both tough-to-clean flooring needs, and at the same time, use the correct cleaning and sealing agents. Damage from harsh chemicals can be avoided, but you can still be rest assured stains and wear and tear will be cleaned as much as possible.

4. A Great Alternative to Expensive Renovations

If your bathrooms and kitchens are showing their age, this might just be grout discoloration. While you might want to renovate your bathrooms and kitchen before selling, sometimes this just isn’t in the budget. The good news is, sometimes deep cleaning your stone and tile can make as much of an impact as updating this entirely. Especially if you have lighter colored tiles or areas of your home that haven’t been professionally cleaned in years, you might be surprised how great your tiling can look. A high gloss sealant can bring out fresh looking tile and stonework and will appeal to potential buyers.

One of the most important aspects of a home on the market is a well-cared for look throughout that is clean and updated. If you haven’t given your flooring a major clean in years, this isn’t something you should neglect before selling. Sometimes it can be hard to get to hard-to-clean tiling and grout properly. Having a professional clean your surfaces can make all of the difference and get your home clean and ready to sell.

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