Now Offering No-Touch, Virtual Surface Audits
Now Offering No-Touch, Virtual Surface Audits

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At Dr Clean Home Care, we’ll take a look at your flooring and evaluate the best tile and stone grout cleaning solution for recovery. When we are hired to clean your floors, we restore them like new – guaranteed! This is due to our procedures we’ve implemented for our clients over the many years that we’ve been cleaning houses. 

Here is how we make your floors look new with our stone and tile grout cleaning process:

  1. We install a moisture barrier to prevent damage to your baseboards.

  2. We apply a cleaning solution to etch off the bacteria from your floors.

  3. We hand scrub all of the grout lines and detail around all of the edges.

  4. We use a scrubbing machine to further clean the surface.

  5. We use a high heat/high pressure machine to further remove bacteria from your flooring.

  6. We finish the job by applying a true penetrating sealing that is backed by a 15 year manufacturer warranty.

This 6 step process has giving our clients clean, like-new floors every time!

This process takes a full day and our sanitary cleaning procedure leaves your floor free of bacteria and debris which creates a healthy environment in your home.

Ask yourself, “Do I really want to spend time on my hands and knees hoping that all that “stuff” will come out?” Doesn’t it make sense that if your floor has had bacteria and debris on it for all these years it will take a professional cleaning system to adequately restore its condition?

Do you want that like-new flooring at a fraction of the cost of replacement?

Is your flooring in need of a face-lift?

Color sealing is a great way to give your flooring a whole new look with a 15 year warranty and allows you another option to having your flooring replaced (and having to move your furniture out). Our clients enjoy their floors for years because of the treatments available from Dr. Clean Homecare.

Do you want that new floor look with the ease of maintenance call today to schedule your treatment.

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