Helpful Tips for Keeping Your Tile Clean

posted by: Bruce Myers - "the KING of Floor Care"

You love your new tile floor. It looks so bright and pristine. Unfortunately, it does not take long for your kids to run all over it and leave footprints and drop food all over its surface. Between playing kids and dirty paw prints, finding ways to keep your tile clean is a never ending challenge. With this in mind, we would like to provide you with some tips for keeping your tile clean and help eliminate some of the stress that comes with your daily housework. We hope you find this post helpful and informative!

Clean Your Tile Regularly

Do not wait until someone spills juice or tracks in dirt to clean your tile floor. Make sure you are cleaning it regularly to keep up with dirt and grime build-up. Be sure you are vacuuming your floor on a regular basis to keep debris from getting stuck in the tile and wearing down its glossy shine. We know life gets busy and keeping up with housework can sometimes get difficult but if you follow this simple tip it will help to keep your tile clean and looking great for years to come. Tile floor is an investment in your home and you don’t want to neglect its upkeep.

What to Use When You Clean Your Tile

There are a lot of options of cleaning products when it comes to cleaning your floor and many of them work great but if you are looking for a simple, cost-effective solution, the answer may surprise you. You can simply vacuum regularly to keep your tile looking great. If you have a lot of kids or animals running around though, water may not be the most effective thing when it comes to eliminating odor and can create more bacteria. Be sure to wipe up any spills or debris tracked in as soon as you can to keep it from staining your grout and grinding into your tile.

Don’t Let Messes Get Too Comfortable

If you want to protect your tile and keep it looking pristine and white, the best thing you can do is keep up with messes and take care of them as soon as they happen. Keep a vacuum close by so that you can use it often. If you let stains or dirt stay for too long it will cause the tile to look dingy over time and less and less like that nice new tile you were so proud of.

Call an Expert

It’s a good idea to use these tips to keep up with the regular maintenance of your tile floor. Sometimes though you need to call an expert to give your tile a nice, thorough cleaning. Finding a knowledgeable, experienced cleaning company to take care of your tile floor will ensure that your precious tile floor gets the dedicated care that it needs.

When it comes to professional home care, I am the one to get the job done right. I have years of experience keeping homes clean in the northern hills of Tucson, Arizona. My experience is what gives me the knowledge necessary to take care of your tile floors. If you have any questions about cleaning tile floors or about any of the other services I offer, I encourage you to reach out to me. I would love to come by and get your home looking great!

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