Now Offering No-Touch, Virtual Surface Audits
Now Offering No-Touch, Virtual Surface Audits

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Why Dr. Clean Is The Obvious Choice?

Just like all the other cleaning companies out there, we want to earn your business.

We know that there are many options when it comes to cleaning your home surfaces. With all those options, it might be difficult to choose the best cleaning company for your needs. You may end up just choosing the cheapest cleaner since they all seem the same in other ways.

Please go through this list below before selecting your surface cleaning company:

  • Aren’t All Companies Providing The Same Service?

    Unfortunately No. Just like in any other business, there are various products used, variations in skills, and ultimately, you can get a completely set of results from a fairly similar scenario.

    The good news is there is a set of standards in the industry.

  • Should I Price Shop For My Cleaning Services?

    If someone say’s they will take care of your surfaces at a lower price, it’s more than likely not measured with the same set of standards as the tried and true professionals use. When the job is done well, by licensed professionals, and the right product is used (like our Dry Treat product) – you’ll be amazed at the results and those results will last a long time.

  • Bruce, How Can You Claim This?

    I managed employees in a high rise for a decade and I can tell you from experience that the majority of cleaners misapply chemicals and incorrectly follow procedures. We are always cleaning up after the “better deal” technician who has applied the wrong chemicals to the wrong surfaces. The majority of these cases result in permanently damaging customers flooring surfaces which costs them thousands of dollars.

    I also sold janitorial supplies and equipment to government entities and other commercial properties. Again I saw the misapplication of chemicals and procedures to surfaces over and over.

    After 3 decades in the cleaning industry from managing, selling and running my own company; I can say the majority of companies aren’t cleaning and sealing correctly. It’s not a case of those cleaners not having proper information available either – they just don’t follow the correct procedures.

  • What’s The Importance Of Surface Sealers With Long Warranties? Is It Worth It To Pay More For Them In The Long Run?

    People are staying longer and longer in their homes and seeing the effects of compounded neglect on their outdoor and indoor surfaces. Grout lines stained, stone dulling with wear and misinformed maintenance procedures. We’re seeing surfaces fragmenting especially on our outdoor surfaces-most of us didn’t deal with this before we moved on and it was someone else’s problem… now it’s our problem.

    Your surfaces are worth tens of thousands of dollars and the average flooring replacement is over $10.00 a square foot. A lot of quality surfaces are close to $10.00 a square foot just for the material!

  • OK, I Understand What You’re Saying. How Do I Properly Vet My Cleaning Company?

    Here are a few key questions..

    • Is the company adhering to the IICRC standard for cleaning?

    • Is the company an accredited applicator for their sealer?

    • What is the correct cleaner/sealer for your surface and why?

    • What publications, procedures and directives do they follow?

    • What is the porosity rate for your surface and why?

    Dr. Clean technicians are certified in accordance with the IICRC governing body applying the correct procedures to ensure maximum efficiency. Dr. Clean is the only accredited applicator for Dry-Treat Sealers in Tucson and the surrounding area’s.

    Dr. Clean is also the preferred applicator for Belgard the largest manufacturer of outdoor pavers.

    Dry-Treat product Stain-Proof and 40SK is the Only Sealers Not affected by our solar intensity and applied in a similar environment in Australia.

    Dry-Treat has been applied these products to thousands of surfaces for over two decades with similar solar intensity of Southern Arizona. All other outdoor sealers Are affected by our solar intensity within a year.

    Dr. Clean goes above the IICRC standard; by providing measurable processes and procedures for correct solutions and equipment.

    Dr. Clean applies moisture barriers, three different cleaning solutions, two different cleaning machines for maximum efficiency for your surfaces and hand detailing around your flooring perimeter.

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