Now Offering No-Touch, Virtual Surface Audits
Now Offering No-Touch, Virtual Surface Audits

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Carpeting is intended to be cleaned. Let us restore yours to like new condition with our carpet cleaning services!

Carpet Cleaning may be the most misunderstood service in the cleaning industry. With so many commercially available do-it-yourself carpet cleaning products, rental machines and rock-bottom ads for commercial carpet cleaning companies, it’s no wonder many Tucson residents keep putting off their carpet care.

Myth #1:

Cleaning your carpet damages your carpet. Besides, my carpets have stain protection!

I have a close friend who, for years, insisted that continual cleaning is bad for carpets. I can understand how poor cleaning techniques could give anyone that impression, but my friend was far off the mark. In fact, for nearly a decade many carpet manufacturer warranties have required regular professional cleaning by certified technicians and routine vacuuming by the property owner or tenant.

The bottom line is, dirt attracts more dirt, and regular, professional carpet cleaning revives your carpet’s stain protection by removing the buildup of oils, dust, pollen and other debris.

Myth #2:

I have more time than money. I’ll just rent a machine and do it myself.

Chemicals applied without rinsing solutions and proper spotting solutions leads to more residue on your carpet – which attracts more dirt! Rental machines and consumer-grade cleaning products are better than not cleaning your carpets at all, but not by much. Our equipment and solutions are far superior to what you can find at your local grocery store, and we use up to six different cleaning solutions according to your carpet’s specific needs, from spot and stain removal to whole floor revitalization.

We also use two different rotary machines: one which implements an agitation procedure and the other a residue and moisture retrieval system that helps preserve your carpet padding. On average, your carpet will be dry within three hours after we’re done.

Myth #3:

I’ve shopped around for carpet cleaning. Why don’t I just hire the cheapest company advertised?

We’ve seen these ads, too. For the most part, we don’t see these companies as competition. How can anyone effectively clean 3 rooms for under $100.00? How satisfied are their customers six months down the road? When we call you for a follow-up in six months, you’re likely to be amazed by how long your carpet has retained the “like new” look. The other guy? No business can lose money consistently and stay in business.

We offer custom estimates and custom pricing, because there is no accurate way to determine your cost by measuring square footage. Each household’s activity and habits are different. Do you have pets or small children? Do you take your shoes off before entering your home? What is the age, quality and prior upkeep of your carpets?

We quote our services only after a site visit. In the end, we may save you money, as companies offering quotes by phone often end up tacking on additional services when they are able to visually assess your carpet’s condition.

We focus on quality, not quantity. It takes our technicians an average of 3.5 hours for a thorough restorative Tucson carpet cleaning. The average carpet cleaner takes a single hour, and most customers aren’t happy with the long term outcome. We may not knock out as many customers each day as the less expensive companies, but our time is better spent.

Our clients understand that their carpets are an investment in their home and health, and know that quality service and customer care include professional pricing. We’ve been in business since 2005 thanks to satisfied, repeat customers and our investment in high-quality equipment and employee training.

Call us to help you preserve and make the most of the life of your carpet. We look forward to meeting you and performing a thorough examination of your carpet and flooring needs.

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