Five Ways Routine Cleaning Improves Your Tile & Stone

Professionally cleaning stone and tile throughout your home can look nice, but also can extend the life of your floors and tiling in the long run. Routine floor and tile cleaning can keep wear-and-tear, staining, and further damage from tuning into bigger issues. Here are five ways regular, professional stone and tile cleaning can extend the life of your stone floors and tiling.

Healthy Professional Bathroom Tile & Stone Cleaning

It is a great feeling to have a fragrant, clean bathroom with sparkling mirrors and spotless tiles. After hours of scrubbing and wiping away the built up dirt and grime that accumulates all too quickly in a busy household, you feel satisfied to pull off your rubber gloves and store them under the sink until next time. As you stand back to admire your efforts, you would never stop to consider that your bathroom is not really clean at all.

The Health Benefits Of Keeping Your Home Tile Clean

Homes should promote the resident’s health. People spend a lot of time in them, and they naturally are effected by their surroundings. Picking tile as a design element is a good first step in promoting your health in general. They don’t have any fibers to catch pet dander and they don’t hide any substances beneath their surfaces. Their best feature for your health, though, is that they are easy to clean. Keeping your tiles clean can ensure that your home promotes your health in a number of ways.

Why Is My Grout Always Dirty?

Whether it’s a kitchen backsplash or tiled bathroom floor, grout is the essential filler for tiled spaces throughout the home. If you have tiled surfaces you probably notice that, while it may be simple to clean the tile, it is often difficult or even impossible to thoroughly clean the grout. Here we’ll talk a little bit about what grout is and try to answer the question “Why is my grout always dirty?”