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Now Offering No-Touch, Virtual Surface Audits

Five Ways Routine Cleaning Improves Your Tile & Stone

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Professionally cleaning stone and tile throughout your home can look nice, but also can extend the life of your floors and tiling in the long run. Routine floor and tile cleaning can keep wear-and-tear, staining, and further damage from tuning into bigger issues. Here are five ways regular, professional stone and tile cleaning can extend the life of your stone floors and tiling.

1. Protecting High-Traffic Flooring from Discoloration

If you can clean stone and tile in hallways and main thoroughfares regularly, these will have less of a chance to wear down from caked-on dirt, grime or stains over time. The best way to keep your flooring from showing its age in certain areas of your home is to clean this regularly. Anything you can do to rearrange furnishings or put down area rugs after cleanings can extend the life of your floors as well.

2. Catching Potential Damage Early On

By having stone and tile cleaned by a specialist, hidden problems can come to light quickly. If there are other issues going on, these can be quickly pointed out along with advice on how to fix remedy flooring or tile issues. If your floors are have small cracks or are starting to show staining, your flooring specialist can recommend specialized cleaning or sealants to slow down long-term damage. Especially in warm areas like Arizona, sun damage can occur quickly, and can be pointed out in the beginning stages so you can invest in area rugs or curtains to protect your flooring. If you can reverse any small issues with your stone and tile today, this will hopefully lengthen the life of your flooring and help put off replacement in the future.

3. Removing Damaging Mold and Mildew

A big part of cleaning stone and tile is ensuring that grout is cleaned and sealed as well. Mold and mildew can quickly linger in your home, especially in the bathrooms or kitchens. This can deteriorate grout and the surrounding tiles rapidly if left untreated. If you are noticing discoloration between tiles in the kitchen or bathroom, it is time to bring in a professional cleaner to reverse this buildup and protect your tiling and stone floors.

4. Reversing Possible Mineral Buildup

For stone and tile that are constantly under a stream of water such as showers or sink areas, minerals from faucet water can build up and cause streaks or a film that might seem almost impossible to remove. Regular cleanings can keep this buildup from occurring in the first place. If you are worried you might have a mineral buildup in your kitchen or bathroom, professional cleaners can help remove this. Cleaners can also seal exposed stone and tile to keep further damage from occurring, which will hopefully extend the life of your interior stone and tile.

5. Using the Correct Cleaning Products

If you can bring in professional stone and tile cleaners, they can ensure that the right cleaning agents are used to get these clean and also to ensure that incorrect chemicals that might be damaging aren’t used. While you might find DIY products on the market that can clean your floors and bathroom well, these products might be too strong for certain types of ornate stone or porous tiling. Don’t make the mistake of using harsh chemicals on your own. Bring in someone with the know-how to clean your tiles and floors correctly over time.

It can be costly to replace tile and stonework in your home, so don’t risk speeding up the aging process of your tiled walls and floors inadvertently. Regular, professional cleaning can keep stone, tile, and grout looking new and also avoid additional wear-and-tear. If your home is in need of professional stone and tile cleaning, contact us to help expand the lifetime of your stone and tile throughout your home.

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