Now Offering No-Touch, Virtual Surface Audits
Now Offering No-Touch, Virtual Surface Audits

Save Time and Money Replacing a Tile or Stone Floor

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If you look at your tile or stone floor after a few years, you’ve probably noticed some wear. Dirt settles into the grout, and that bleach pen someone used to cover it up just won’t cut it anymore. The sealant on your tile wears down, leaving it exposed to stains, damage, and odors. But if you think the only solution is replacing your once-beautiful flooring, think again! Save hundreds of dollars and days of renovations with a professional tile and stone cleaning service.

Will that really work for me?

We’re not just talking about any cleaning service. My team of professional tile and stone cleaning experts specializes in the proper care and maintenance of these materials. We use a proprietary process to completely restore your floors to their original condition. And we don’t limit ourselves to ceramic tile. Our experts have special training for specific tile and stone surfaces, including marble, travertine, slate, and granite.

Financial benefits

If you invest in good quality flooring, regular maintenance will make it last for years. Don’t waste time and money on an entirely new floor. Clean and restore your tile floor for far less than the replacement cost. We carefully evaluate your floor’s needs, so you don’t pay for unnecessary services. In addition, you’ll avoid additional wear and tear with our restoration process.

Stone and tile exterior surfaces are at the mercy of the sun, wind, and water in Tucson. Our team only works on these surfaces in the early spring and late fall, when the temperature is right and conditions are appropriate for maintaining these surfaces. Exterior surfaces get a lot of use, but our customized approach extends their lifetime and keeps them looking brand new.

Your time also comes at a premium. Replacing a floor or outdoor surface ties up your home for days. You can try to work around it or schedule the floor replacement while you’re out-of-town, but you’ll still sacrifice your limited time. Instead, imagine going out to run errands or to see a movie, and returning to a completely cleaned and restored floor. Save yourself the hassle of dealing with a floor replacement and let us restore your existing floor. It will look brand new, and our team will recommend the tools and cleaning solutions that keep your tile looking brand new over the long-term.

What about grout?

Sometimes, it isn’t just wear and tear that makes you want to replace your flooring. Maybe you don’t like the color you chose for your grout originally, or perhaps dirt and debris have darkened or yellowed it over the years. Our team has several options to remedy these problems.

  • Stained or yellowed tile grout
  • If the original color of your grout looked great, but now it’s stained to a dark yellow or gray that just doesn’t fit, we can help! Our special blend of restorative tile grout cleaner uses acid to gently wash away the discoloration. A specialized rinse solution prevents any chemicals from remaining on your floor. Finally, we seal everything to prevent future discoloration.
  • Discolored stone grout
  • Our certified cleaning experts handle stone grout differently than tile. Our cleaning solution removes discoloration and protects the grout from sun, wind, and water. We carefully follow all manufacturer requirements to preserve your stone surfaces.
  • New grout color
  • Our specialized color sealing system changes your grout color without removing a single tile. Get the look you’ve always wanted by changing your grout color the easy way. Ask our experts about this service.

If you’re ready to replace your floor, try our cleaning and restoration services first. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee and short time requirements, you’ve got nothing to lose. Let us make your floor look brand new and beautiful in a single day!

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