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Now Offering No-Touch, Virtual Surface Audits

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional to Clean Wood Floors

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When hiring professionals to keep your home spic-and-span, don’t overlook the importance of keeping your wood floors clean on a routine basis. Wood floors- when properly cleaned and maintained-add a great deal of warmth and beauty to any home. Here are five reasons to hire a professional floor cleaning company to tackle the task of cleaning your wood floors on a regular basis:

Your Floors Will Be Sparkling Clean

Do you ever find that after sweeping and mopping your wood floors, they still look dull, have visibly dirty spots, or they’re covered in streaks that make them look even worse than they did before you cleaned them? Professional floor cleaners have the cleaning tools, supplies, and techniques to avoid these problems and leave your wood floors truly clean, gleaming, and ready to be shown off. You will feel a sense of pride and satisfaction every time you look around your home and see your sparkling clean wood floors.

Your Floors Will Be Protected and Safe

Using the wrong cleaning supplies or methods to clean your wood floors can scratch your floors or leave them with a dull coating that is hard to remove. Professional floor cleanings involve using the wood floor cleaning supplies that work safely with your specific floors and take into account any finishes or coatings that have been applied to your floors. Instead of abrasive or harsh cleaners, professional cleaners use gentle but effective cleaners (plus a whole lot of elbow grease!) to get your floors glowing without causing any damage to your floors.

You Will Have More Time for Other Things

Keeping your wood floors sparkling clean can be very time-consuming and start to feel like a never-ending chore, especially if you have kids and pets tracking in dirt on a daily basis. By outsourcing your wood floor cleaning to the professionals, you get all of the benefits of super clean wood floors, while also giving yourself the gift of more free time. Instead of spending hours each week scrubbing your floors, let the pros handle it while you enjoy more time with your family and friends, or pursuing your hobbies and passions.

Your Wood Floors Will Last Longer

Because professional floor cleaners have access to better floor cleaning techniques and supplies, your wood floors will most likely stay looking new and beautiful for much longer. This means the cost of professional floor cleanings may pay for itself in the form of a longer lifespan for your floors, and getting to avoid a costly floor replacement or refinishing. By scheduling regular wood floor cleanings, you will also avoid the accumulation of dirt, grit, and grime which can wear away at your floor’s finish and cause it to wear out sooner.

Your Family Will Be Healthier

Over time, pet hair and dander, pollen tracked in from the outdoors, dust mites, and other potential allergens and contaminants can accumulate on your wood floors and in between the floor boards. A professional deep clean will remove these toxins from your wood floors, leaving your home a healthier place for your family. For customers with allergies or asthma issues in their families, professionally cleaned floors can make a huge difference. Professional cleaning also leaves wood floors more sanitary, which is important if you have small children who crawl or play on your wood floors.

By hiring professionals to clean your wood floors, you can enjoy these benefits for yourself. Our customers already know Dr. Clean Home Care as the Tuscon-area experts in tile and grout cleaning, but we also pride ourselves in our wood floor cleaning expertise. Give us a call today to set up a wood floor deep cleaning or consultation.

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