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I think any home owner with wood floors can agree, wood floor cleaning can be quite a chore!

There are lots of products out there that promise the greatest results, as well as conditioning, for a longer life span. However, other than word of mouth from another who has used it, we often can’t be sure of these products ourselves.

Many people finding themselves going back to same old product. While the outcome may not be exactly what they are looking for, at least no harm has been done. At least, that’s how it seems.

There IS a better way!

Cleaning and Maintenance

Unlike many other types of flooring, hard wood flooring is a category all by itself. It can become worn, stains can soak into the wood if it isn’t finished and sealed properly, and it demands a certain maintenance schedule. Aside from daily sweeping or vacuuming, wood floors need to be cleaned at least every month with a product specifically for hard wood.

A special coating or sealant needs to be applied at least every five years. This helps keep spills from soaking down to the wood and can even keep the wood from warping. Once every ten years or so, you will need to have the hard wood sanded and refinished. A process like this can keep wood floors looking nearly new for decades to come!

Of course, these schedules can be individualized, depending on your families lifestyle. Wear and tear to wood floors happens differently depending on how much they are used.

Wood Floor Tips

Even though professional cleaning is the best way to go for wood floors, there are some things you can do that will help.

For example:

  • Make sure you wipe up spills as soon as they happen. Using a cloth dampened with water is the best way, avoiding any harsh chemicals.
  • If you have hardwood floors in the kitchen, use area rugs or throw rugs in areas that are prone to spills. In front of the sink and underneath children’s chairs are good places for these.
  • Use a humidifier in rooms with wood floors. Especially in the dry Arizona climate, this can help to alleviate gaps between boards and make the floors last much longer.
  • Do not use products that are specifically for tile or vinyl floors. Not only are the chemicals overly harsh to the wood, they can dull the finish almost immediately.
  • Do not use a wet mop or steam cleaner on wood. Both water and steam can leave a dull finish. If your floor has not been sealed or finished recently, it can even damage the wood.
  • Attach felt protectors to the bottoms of furniture that is likely to cause scratches if scooted along the floor. This is especially important for chair legs and coffee table legs.

Proper Care Can Alleviate Problems Later

Wood floors are beautiful and lots of people prefer them over vinyl or carpet. They have a sophisticated look and can complement nearly any decor.

Unfortunately, if left uncleaned or improperly cleaned, you might find the need to refinish much sooner than you should. Worse yet, if wood floors are cleaned in the wrong way for long periods of time, you might even need to replace them.

Either of these situations will leave you with expensive alternatives from which to choose.

On the other hand, proper care, even if it’s a little more expensive up front, can protect and secure your wood floors for generations to come.

Choose Dr. Clean Home Care

When you want your hard wood floors to stand the test of time, calling Dr. Clean Home Care is certainly in your best interest! With over ten years of experience, customers are simply raving about their quality of service.

Here are just a few of the benefits YOU can take advantage of:

  • A 100% free cleaning audit by qualified cleaning technicians with no obligation on your part whatsoever.
  • The BEST equipment, the BEST cleaning methods and the BEST overall wood floor results.
  • A 100%, money-back, no-risk guarantee on the work done to your floors.
  • A company with an A+ ranking by the Better Business Bureau.
  • A local, family owned business that REALLY cares about you!

For more information, or to set up your free cleaning audit today, be sure to contact Dr. Clean Home Care today!

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