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Now Offering No-Touch, Virtual Surface Audits

Why You Need a Professional For Pet Urine Odors

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You may think the suggestion to have the pet odors in your home professionally treated as overkill. Many homeowners feel that with a good amount of disinfectant and some elbow grease, they can handle the clean up on their own.

Most of them are wrong. Over the years, I have cleaned hundreds of homes and during that time I have learned a few things. One of those things has been that though they mean well, most homeowners’ efforts are ineffective, especially when discussing the elimination of pet odors, urine smells in particular.


Making Matters Worse

When someone takes it upon themselves to clean their floors, particularly carpet, they often make matters worse.

If at any point in the past, a pet has made the floor their indoor bathroom, the odors are just waiting to pounce. Over time, they may diminish and become less noticeable, but just shampoo that rug and they come roaring back.

Here’s why: The act of cleaning the carpet reactivates the enzymes in the urine. When this happens the urine smell can become quite strong. Here you have scrubbed and washed all day and instead of that fresh, clean smell you expect, you get hit in the face with unwanted and unpleasant odors.

Ignoring Hard Surfaces

Tile, while thought to be a hard, impervious material, can also harbor odors, particularly in the porous grout. Chances are your floors were never sealed or the sealant has worn off over time leaving the surface susceptible to stains and odor-causing contaminants.

Harsh Treatment of Hardwood Floors

Wood floors require a gentle touch. They can be quite susceptible to damage due to water and harsh detergents. If your pet has been using the wood floor like a potty, then chances are they have already done some damage and you don’t want to make it any worse.

My many years of experience have given me the knowledge needed to successfully clean your floors without causing any damage.

Not Getting to the Source

Most individuals think that cleaning the floor will eliminate the odor. The problem with that is in many cases, the odor has penetrated through. This is especially true with carpeting. Even if you shampoo your carpet, you are only cleaning the carpet material or at best, the padding underneath along with it. Chances are the odor causing liquid (in this case, pet urine), has soaked through to the under-flooring. All the shampooing in the world isn’t going to remove it.


We have developed a comprehensive treatment system for removing pet odors. Here’s how we do it:

Find the Source

We do a thorough investigation to locate the source of the odor. Once the source is located, we delve further to find out how extensively the moisture has penetrated and traveled.

Develop Custom Approach

Once we have discovered the source and how pervasive it is, we develop a plan of attack for the entire area.

The Process

We begin with treating and cleaning all surfaces in the affected area. Areas with higher concentrations of odors are usually spot treated with a deeper treatment.

I believe in the adage “there is more than meets the eye,” that is why I also use black lights which help to bring hidden stains and contaminants, that are otherwise invisible, to the forefront. Nothing can hide from me and my cleaning crew!

In addition, high-tech air scrubbers are used to filter the air and combat the odors on a molecular level.

My Secret Weapon

Unleashed is my secret weapon in the fight against pet odors. It is specially designed to tackle the odor causing components found in urine, feces and other pet odors. It employs the use of enzymes and odor encapsulants to wipe out the offensive odors.

This product not only works to remove odors, but it also addresses the stains associated with them. It works on carpets and hard porous surfaces with equal effectiveness.

I have used this product for years and it never ceases to amaze me. It does the job every time and has proven to have long-lasting effects.

If your pet odors are making your home life unbearable, call me! I can make your home sweet (smelling) again.

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