Which Grout Sealer Is the Best?

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Have you searched high and low for the best  sealer for your tiles, stones, pavers, concrete or grout? There are many grout sealers on the market today, and it can be confusing to distinguish between the good and great products. The main problem is that we don’t have any standards or objectives that we could use as a metric to compare sealers. The only thing we as consumers can do is test out the products. At Dr. Clean Home Care, we’ve done the hard part for you, and we only offer the highest quality grout sealer on the market to our customers.

STAIN-PROOF original is an impregnating, invisible, and breathable sealer that protects tile, stone, pavers, concrete, and grout from damage caused by water, salts, and oil-based stains. Applied on inside or outside surfaces, these areas become easier to clean, maintain, and keep looking “like new” for longer. This product offers a 15 year warranty when applied by an accredited applicator. STAIN-PROOF is applied to surfaces as the last step in our rigorous 6-step restoring procedure.

Benefits of Using STAIN-FIGHTER

  • repels stains, graffiti, and food products to make cleaning easier
  • non-film forming
  • works without changing the appearance of the surface
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • protects against weathering and wearing
  • does not flake or peel
  • ideal for marine and pool areas
  • no buildup of subsurface moisture

All of the representatives at Dr. Clean are certified to use STAIN-PROOF and implement the product using the correct procedures. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is important. Think about the huge investment that your floors and other surfaces were. It is important to have a representative that knows how to clean and treat specific surfaces so that they will keep their “like new” look and feel for a very long time. Consider this…to replace your surfaces would be about $4 a square foot, another large investment. It makes much more sense to have a “like new” look and feel at the fraction of the cost by hiring a certified representative from Dr. Clean, as opposed to trusting a non-certified cleaner from another company.

Another way to keep your floor in a “like new” condition is to consider how and with what products you are cleaning your surfaces with. Flooring manufacturers recommend using a neutral cleaner that leaves no residue on surfaces. Many surface and floor cleaning products that are on the market today contain bacteria and residue that do not allow your surfaces to sparkle. The best floor cleaning system is a flat mop. Many consumers do not use flat mops, they prefer a “swift” cleaning system that does not clean as well as flat mop systems and leaves the residue that we discussed above. Dr. Clean can give you several options of flat mops to check out locally or online. If you utilize our tile and stone grout cleaning process and upkeep with a flat mop, you will be on your way to “like new” floors and surfaces.

I’ve worked with many sealers in my 12+ years of service and when it comes to STAIN-PROOF, I’ve learned that no other sealer on the market is able to offer a sealer with a 15 year warranty against oil and water penetration. Other sealers do offer so-called “warranties” which gives a false sense of security – but they have a lot of exclusions. I have been applying sealers for over a decade and am aware of the various manufacturer sealers attributes. One of the best benefits of STAIN-PROOF is that it is able to hold its own in Tucson’s environment and weather conditions. I was searching for a sealer that truly held up to our environment. I decided to become STAIN-PROOF’s certified applicator for Tucson, Arizona and we have enjoyed the benefits of true UV and weather resistance.

The best way to keep your grout clean is to have the market’s best sealer applied to it. Next to that, regular cleaning and upkeep will do the job. Contact us to schedule a free cleaning audit today.

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